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Your First Bodybuilding Competition: A Complete Show-Prep Training And Nutrition Guide For Your First (Or Next) Bodybuilding Or Physique Competition.

Advanced Fat Loss Training: Fat-Torching Hacks That Separate Good Physiques From Downright Mesmerizing Ones.

Body Weight 500: A High-Powered 500 Repetition Total Body Workout That You Can Take With You Anywhere… Traveling For Work… On Vacation… Or Even If You Don’t Feel Like Leaving the House To Hit The Gym!

Hardcore Bodybuilder Workout: Full-Power Bodybuilding Workout That Guarantees To Pack Slabs Of Muscle Mass Onto Your Frame.

Extreme Fat Loss: Advanced Carb-Cycling Method I Created To Quickly Strip Away Stubborn Body Fat And Get Ripped In A Hurry.

Protein Cycle Diet: One-Of-A-Kind Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Every Ounce Of Protein Every Day… To Add Lean Muscle… Speed Up Your Metabolism… Cut Pesky Cravings… And So Much More!

Progressive Pull-Up Program: How To Build A Mountain-Like Back With Rippling Muscle Using ONLY A Pull-Up Bar.


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